Media and Simulation

Today, media have important role on publics and the media can shape easily societies for sake of any concept or worldviews. It is inevitable fact that media also can manipulate or give important information for us in every day life. In this point, Jean Baudrillard who is French sociologist, philosopher, cultural theorist and thinker of postmodernism asserted the concept of simulation, which is transferred by the media, which is used by some of the power or governments. Also, he has asserted social theory for consumption. I will try to explain and analyze that connection between media and his idea of sımulation, relation between simulation and reality with some examples like movie of The Death of President.


The movie which name is ‘The Death of President’ is a formally clever fake documentary directed by Gabriel Range mentioned that murder attempt for George Bush who is president of U.S.A. in meeting for Economic Club of Chicago. We can see here, in this movie there is fake of murder that is reflected by the media to citizen of U.S.A. We can see that this murder has come true according to Iraq war and also this fake documentary is produced according to this war. In this point, if I explain the concept of simulation which is hyper reality of something instead of duplication or pretending something. According to Jean Baudrillard, attempting to murder of presidents like Johnson, Nixon, Ford maybe Bush etc. was arranged for poverty of power and for proving legitimacy of government itself or protection of power and these ideology or thinking is reflected for publics or citizens thanks to the media. Also I can say that this fake documentary can be produced for trying to prove legitimacy of war in Iraq because one of the Muslim who name is Jamal and he was accused for murder attempt of President and arrested by the police and every media channels are publishing these news about Jamal. So we understand from this documentary that these are simulation of power or government like much the same thing with attempting murder of Turgut Özal and Süleyman Demirel in our country. These are simulated scenario of conspiracy like bomb attack, terrorist movements like the attacks of 11 September. This concept can be really complicated because we don’t know that who do this or which source of power does it and why. But I think these are the game of capitalist order and I agree with Jean Baudrillard’s concept about this issue like Michael Foucault. Therefore, I think media is the key element for concept of simulation. I would like to analyze this with more examples.

I have been watched the movie which name is The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir in 1998. We can see easily that there is extinguishment of reality and there is creating of hyper reality. I think this movie is completely mentioned concept of simulation because there is fake of life that is published like TV program but Truman doesn’t realize it is fake and he suppose that this is my real life but it is not because his life managed by one of the film maker who tries to create own perfect universe for Truman and also millions of people admire this TV channel and everyone using the product which are promoted for advertising. Then, Truman realized everything and the story ended.


Also, I have been watched another movie which name is The Joneses directed by Derrick Borte and the film based on inseminating of consumption with the fake family who work for huge company and have everything like household goods, technological tools, cars, fashionable clothes and they try to affect their local community with creating these fake neighborhood relations. So, the company is using this tactic to reach target audiences in everywhere of country but headliners in the movie realize that is not real thing and they preferred normal life and story ended for them and I think that is hyper reality of consumption.

Consequently, I would like to say that when we open the TV news in home about civil war in Syria, what we see these and what we feel about this. There are bomb attacks, explosions, collisions, massacre of people by power of military or terrorists. We just watch these news and then when we change the channel like opening TV series –also I think these are presenting us relationship simulation in our social life- this war ended for us because publishing of war in TV channels desensitize us about war because war has come in possession of simulation that is hyper reality. I think there is strong relation between media and simulation in terms of transferring of concepts like war, power, hegemony, consumption for the publics and societies. There are many example of simulation in our daily life I think and I strongly believe that these are product of capitalism and it is a circle that surround us and we are watching these things with our desperation and hyper reality is continuing to change our world of view snakingly. So I have pessimist approach for this issue like Frankfurt School thinkers.

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